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The world is at your feet.

Set sails on a bareboat sailing holiday and enjoy exploring new cruising grounds from the helm and at your speed without a set schedule or itinerary. Decide on as many or as few overnight stops and daytime anchorages as you like and take time to get the most out of your list of destinations. Drive your sailboat on your own and enjoy the freedom from the helm to discover the best sailing destinations in the world.

You can choose to sail in your sailing destination on one of our recommended itineraries or set out in search of adventure on your own. In addition to the completion of your boating resume during the planning phases of your voyage, you will have a detailed map briefing before leaving the base where our staff will discuss cruising ideas and recommendations for your destination. Until you leave the docks, we make sure you are confident and eligible as the Captain.

Bareboat charter sailing holidays include water for groups of up to 12 guests with a private yacht adventure. Choose from an extensive custom fleet of comfortable catamarans and classic monohulls with the option of sailing-it-yourself or hiring a licensed skipper.

Be the master of your destiny as the skipper of your bareboat yacht trip, or at least your sailing journey. You will experience the rewarding challenge of guiding your vessel across the seas in a luxurious setting when you are your captain. Design yachts, one-of-a-kind, and top destinations come together to create the right trip for you.

Choose from more than 20 fantastic Caribbean, European, Mediterranean, Asian, Far East, and South Pacific destinations.

Sail the places you’ve always dreamed of embarking on any of our beautiful monohulls and catamarans. We’ve got your dream boat if you want the experience. You will have a chance to explore the globe on your dream yacht with a lot of luxury manufacturers featured. Start the lines and join the world’s most powerful fleet for your next bareboat charter holiday.

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Looking for a boat?

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Is a bareboat charter for me?

If you have sailing experience, an adventurous spirit, and a longing for that lifestyle on the live-aboard, a bareboat charter is undoubtedly for you. Bareboating is the pinnacle of freedom and privacy–do whatever you like, whenever you want!

Am I eligible?

Usually, we ask you to have experience on a similar size sailing boat. Having at least one crew member with experience is also beneficial.

Although typically not necessary for a bareboat charter certificate, safety is always our #1 priority. Even if you are highly experienced, the American Sailing Association (ASA) recommends that you take sailing lessons.  Refresh your knowledge of bareboat chartering, sailing, maneuvering a big sailboat in a small marina, and other complexities.

If you are still uncertain of your sailing skills or want a local skipper’s expertise, you can employ a qualified captain, then go on your own when you feel comfortable. If you wouldn’t cook, you can instead hire a chef to make all your meals for you.

Dedicated and personalized service

Our goal is simple: to make your bareboat charter an enjoyable and pleasant experience, whether you’re new to sailing or you’ve done it a million times! It all starts with our beautiful workers–from dockhands to our base managers, skippers, and personal chefs–they’re all committed to customer service.

Fill out an Info Request Form, and you will be contacted by a booking agent to discuss options, your preferences, and your needs, all to suit the ideal yacht.

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Secret bases

Yachtco Charter bases are carefully chosen for their small sizes and ideal locations: a little further away from the main busy cities or towns. This allows you to spend a quiet first or last night on the boat while enjoying the amenities of the marina.

Including smaller bases and a high level of personal attention, we sell only the yachts of the highest quality. We have partnered with the world’s best shipyards and are very careful in choosing yachts that provide sailing efficiency, comfort, and space. Our yachts come from revolutionary yacht builders like Catana, Beneteau, Lagoon, Jeanneau, Pajot Fountaine, and Dufour.

We own and run the world’s only catamaran ship of Catana. Known for its high performance and design, Catanas is the gold standard for sailing catamarans quality and performance.

Our guarantee base managers are responsible for providing you with an overview of your cruising area, inspecting the yacht for safety, and familiarizing you with all aspects of your yacht above and below the waterline. Upon leaving the base in front of your bareboat charter, you will become acquainted with:

  • all safety equipment including fire extinguishers,
  • lifejackets and first aid kit(s)
  • Cooking and cooling systems
  • Heads and showers
  • Engine and routine maintenance procedures
  • VHF radio system and correct mayday instructions
  • All devices, including GPS
  • All necessary operating instructions

All of our yachts follow the highest safety standards, are well maintained, and undergo frequent technical inspections. When, given our highly professional maintenance, a mechanical failure occurs, we pledge to repair the fault within 4 hours of your call to the base during working hours (8 am to 5 pm). We will refund you one whole day if you miss more than 4 hours (during working hours). If it takes more than one day to fix, we will provide you with a similar boat or pro-rata refund. You can depend on our hotline at any time in the event of an emergency, seven days a week. Please note that the Dream Yacht Charter Guarantee applies only to essential equipment and does not apply to ancillary equipment repair, including but not limited to Genset, Air Conditioning or Watermaker.

A bareboat charter or demise charter is an arrangement for chartering or hiring a ship or boat that does not include any crew or provisions as part of the agreement; instead, it is the duty of those who hire the vessel from the owner to take care of such items.

Legal differences exist between a bareboat charter and other forms of charter contracts, commonly referred to as charters for time or travel. The charterer charters the ship (or part of it) on a trip or time charter for a particular trip or duration. The charterer can direct where the ship will go in these charters, but the ships owner retains the ships possession by using the master and crew. On the other hand, the owner gives the charterer control of the boat in a bareboat or demise contract, and the charterer hires his own master and crew. The bare-boat charterer is sometimes referred to as a “despondent owner.” The owner’s abandonment of the ship’s possession is the defining feature of a bareboat or demise charter.

Bareboat charter is a yacht charter holiday without a skipper being employed, so one of the charter guests is going to sail the boat themselves. A sailboat charter on a bareboat yacht requires either a valid license or proof of sufficient experience in sailing. A second charter member needs to have sailing experience in some countries as well. Since there is no crew, the yacht charterers will also provide all the necessary supplies, cooking, itinerary planning, etc. A possible option for sailors who don’t have too much experience would be a combination of skippered and bareboat charter. For the first few days, they might hire a skipper to sail the yacht and gradually take over until they feel confident that they can navigate the boat alone. A flotilla charter with a lead boat and a guide to assist would be another possibility.

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Most bareboat charter yachts are monohull sailboats, but it is also possible to charter catamarans and motorboats as bareboat yachts.

One of Croatia’s most sought after bareboat charter destinations

Pula, Krk (Punat), Zadar, Sukosan, Biograd, Sibenik, Primosten (Marina Kremik), Seget Donji (Trogir), Trogir, Solta / Rogac (Split), Marina Kastela (Split), Split, Dubrovnik.

Bareboat charter in figures

Bareboat charter is mostly conducted on ships up to 17 m, as this is still a manageable size for a leisure skipper. Skippers and likely crew are usually more important than that ship. Of course, a smaller yacht can also be chartered with a crew, and it depends on the desires of the charterer.

There are an estimated 11,000 yachts of charter around the world. Approximately 85% of all yachts are bareboat yachts, and the Mediterranean Sea is the largest bareboat charter region in the world. Croatia, with about 5,000 bareboat charter yachts, is the country with the most significant proportion of that.

About ninety-five percent of all charter ships are yachts, 12 percent of which are catamarans, and 88 percent are monohulls. So on motorboats, there are about 5 percent of bareboat charter vacations.

Bareboat charter is especially popular with German-speaking customers because they prefer this form of independent holiday. For example, the British and other nationalities prefer to go on a flotilla holiday and enjoy this kind of holiday’s social component.

Bareboat rental in Greece is most common from the following harbors: Corfu, Preveza, Lefkas, Skiathos, Missolonghi, Kalamaki (Athens), Lavrion, Paros, Kos, Rhodes

Why do sailors enjoy bareboat chartering?

There are substantial costs of operating a yacht, and many sailors don’t spend much time on their ships. For them, hiring a charter yacht is much easier for the duration of the holidays alone. The second advantage is that they can freely choose the place this way, and they don’t have to worry about getting their boat there first.

The bareboat charter contract guarantees that when you arrive onboard, everything will be in order and run properly. All you need to do is determine what sort of boat you want to go to and where.

The advantage is that you have complete privacy on a bareboat yacht charter. You and your family and friends are going to be utterly undisturbed as there is no extra crew. The whole boat is yours!

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What is the cost of a charter for a sailing yacht?

The average weekly price for the Mediterranean bareboat charter is around € 2,600. Mediterranean rates are highest in Western Europe, with an average of € 3,100 per week. The Balearics are the most expensive, with an average of € 3,184 per week — the Mediterranean’s farther east, the lower the boat rental prices. Greece is the most competitive nation with an average price of approximately € 2,653 per week, followed by Croatia, valued at € 2,869. If you choose to employ a skipper instead of a bareboat charter, depending on the location, you can add € 150–€ 300 per day to the cost.

Mallorca and the Canaries in Spain are highly sought-after bareboat areas. Search the available yacht charter ships in the following list: Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca / El Arenal, Mallorca / Ca’n Pastilla, Mallorca / Cala d’Or, Mallorca / Porto Colom, Ibiza / San Antonio, Ibiza / San Antonio, Tenerife / Las Galletas, Lanzarote / Arrecife. For early bookings in autumn and winter, prices are about 10 percent lower than in spring. The average difference in price between high and low season is around 40 percent. There are some fantastic last-minute offers available if you can prepare quickly, but at that time the best yachts will already be reserved.

Which kinds of charter yachts are there?

Sailing yachts are a bareboat charter’s most common vessels. But on a charter vacation without a skipper, motor yachts and catamarans are also very common. While sailing yachts provide the classic sensation of yachting, if you need more space, catamarans are an excellent option. Typically, bareboat charter yachts reach up to 17 m in length, and larger boats are leased with a skipper and perhaps more crew.

Which licenses do I need to charter a sailboat?

You need a license or evidence that you have enough sailing experience to hire a sailing or motor yacht.

If you do a bareboat yacht charter in a European / Mediterranean region, the type of license you need depends on the individual country. The ICC–International Certificate of Competence is generally accepted, although limits can be imposed on it, such as how far offshore you can go, etc. In addition to a VHF permit, Croatia needs an actual skipper license.

What to pack on a bareboat yacht charter?

Generally speaking, it can be said that it is best to stick to the necessary items on a bareboat charter as there is limited space onboard a yacht. You can, of course, take enough clothes for all kinds of potential weather. We recommend you don’t put it in a hard case, but in a duffle or collapsible bag that can be conveniently stored in a locker or closet. Deck shoes with a bright sole during maneuvers keep the teak clean and your feet safe. Keep in mind that on a bareboat holiday, there are no washing machines, so maybe take some hand-washing fluid in case or buy some at the charter destination.

A bareboat charter is generally for a short period in yachting. There are hundreds of charter brokers or agents for bareboat yachts. Such companies offer only more specialized services for yacht locating and travel organizations, similar to travel agents. Their aim in terms of price and location is to use their expertise and networks to find the ideal bareboat for a client. Just like online travel agencies that offer unsold airline tickets and hotel rooms at a fraction of the cost, there are now bareboat charter brokers for the last minute travelers where they can find excellent prices.

Although bareboat generally refers to any boat that can be chartered without a skipper or crew, sailing yachts, including catamarans, are typically covered by bareboating.

Since the mid-1990s, and particularly since the early 2000s, bareboat hire has become increasingly common. There has been a growing demand for yacht holidays, and many experienced and semi-experienced yachts now consider hiring a bareboat easier and cheaper than owning their yacht. While both the international leisure travel industry (especially outdoor vacation-based activities) and the boating industry have boomed over the past decade, the bareboat charter industry, which incorporates both of these pursuits, has also expanded.

There is an additional legal difference in the United States about bareboat versus charters for hire or “skippered.” If individuals pool their funds to bareboat so that the competent master among them may skipper for the party, even if the master is not technically a paid skipper, he/she now assumes one’s legal responsibilities. In the case of adverse events at sea, this can have far-reaching consequences.

Bareboat yacht charter Croatia

Visit Croatia as an excellent location for chartering bareboat and sailing holidays. At Yachtco, we sell a wide range of first-class yachts from a variety of destinations. We offer a variety of yachts and charter boats operating from various locations along the coast for the bareboat charter. With pocket-friendly costs, you can book your bareboat charter as we provide the best prices. We have a wide selection of yachts to suit your needs. Get a quote today and jump on our bareboat charter to enjoy a stunning and adventurous Croatian sailing experience.

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A bareboat charter, as the name implies, is hiring a boat without any onboard skipper or crew. You are fully responsible for the sailing and health of the yacht and everyone on board on a bareboat charter. You must have outstanding sailing experience and the requisite licenses, including a VHF license, to rent a bareboat charter. To enjoy your sailing holiday in Croatia, you can hire a bareboat charter at Yachtco.

Keep in mind that you are responsible for the general safety of the yacht and everyone on board when you go on a bareboat charter at sea. Since one person can’t be the captain, hostess, cook, safety and enjoy him or herself as well, everyone on board has to lend a helping hand.

Bareboat charter in Croatia – Regulations

A bareboat charter is a situation where you arrive at a departure marina, charter a yacht for a week or two, and then return the yacht to either the very marina you took off from or another marina which has to be stated in your reservation. This form of arrangement is called a “one-way charter.” You will try to arrive early because your yacht is free and check-in is on Saturday at 17:00. On your Croatian sailing vacation, you are promised a fantastic experience.

Croatian Law states that a licensed skipper must be on board to hire a yacht on a bareboat charter, and the skipper should be someone with a VHF license. has a trained, fully certified, and licensed skippers for all of our bareboat charter to comply with the regulations mentioned above and to ensure that our customers have an enjoyable sailing experience, whether they are experienced sailors or newbies without having a license or paperwork. If you are considering a bareboat chart, to qualify for a bareboat charter, you should provide a valid skipper license, including a VHF license, as well as a sailing experience. During your bareboat charter, you should always have all your paperwork and permits with you.

If you have sailing experience but don’t have a skipper certificate, you can get it done by obtaining a COC Competency Certificate, which can be easily obtained by an accomplished skipper generally in a day’s assessment. This is the standard of licensing expected by most European countries. If you do not have the correct license and certificates, no Croatian charter company will rent you a boat in spite of the amount of sailing experience you have.

Most people want to experience the thrill of sailing the seas alone on a yacht without having gone on a skippered or crewed yacht charter before, and you can do that at if you have the license you need and an appropriate level of experience. If you’re in Croatia for a short time and you want to enjoy the fun and sea breeze by hiring a bareboat yacht charter, you can check the map for a brief overview of the path you can take and places to visit to make sure you’re having a great time.

You should find any of our destinations that are nearest to your flight pattern, to which you fly quickly.

Choosing a yacht

You’re qualified to take a yacht on a bareboat charter once you’ve built up to it. You know where you want to sail, all you need to do is book a bareboat yacht charter from our website or email us directly with the above details including the date you will be on the ground to take a yacht on a bareboat cruise (this helps with scheduling) and the list of crew you are taking on board. We will get back to you with the available yacht from your place and the costs. Moving to any of our booking offices from the airport will incur additional charges. If you need some time to talk to your team and weigh your choices, boats can be kept on standby for you for 3 to 4 days. You will receive a contract after making payments in advance, and you will receive a boarding pass after making full payments.

Contact us for advice on selecting the best yacht/boat that suits your needs. Our offices are open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m. and our agents are always available for immediate response.

Health insurance and refundable deposit are covered for all our yachts and ships. A security deposit is required in case of damage to the boat. The security deposits are for non-insurance covered parts of the charter.

Refundable deposit: if the amount determined for the loss is not equal to the security deposit sum paid, only the expense amount will be billed, and the balance will be returned to the consumer. A broken glass or a damaged window can be an example of this. The maximum amount will be charged in the case of more significant damage. When you pay by credit card, your credit card will be unblocked after returning the yacht to the marina stated in the contract. You can also pay in cash for your bareboat charter, and the same refundable deposit will apply.

Non-refundable deposit (losses incurred or waivers): this is a sum (€ 140 –€ 280) charged to the insurance house+ € 100, which will be refunded without damages upon check-in.

All expenses should be reported to the support number immediately.

Please take care of the sea while sailing in Croatia. Allow other people to enjoy the Adriatic Sea while sailing in Croatia.

Here are some of the things you can do, to give this opportunity to the next generation;

  • Do not throw garbage into the sea while sailing in Croatia
  • Do not infringe fishing laws
  • Save marine plants and animals
  • Do not discharge waste from the vessel near the shore and in the protected area
  • Apply to the qualified environmental pollution bodies
  • Fire in the open is forbidden
  • Please save the drinking water whenever possible by not taking long showers or cleaning boats.
  • Tap water is safe to drink in Croatia so that you can refill your water bottles, but please do not drink water from water tanks on your sailing ships as it is not safe to drink.
  • Save as much power as you can, try windsurfing in an environment that embraces it and avoid water boats and scooters when sailing.