Caribbean boat rental and yacht charter

The calm and blue waters of the Caribbean, where the British Virgin Islands and winds offer fast, line-of-sight navigation, hold your course steady. Learn how Grenada lives up to its nickname “The Caribbean’s Spice Island.” Spend your days shopping on St. Thomas’s beautiful streets. Plunge into the unspoiled paradise of the Spanish Virgin Islands of Puerto Rico. And, in the first-rate sailing wonderland of Antigua, rekindle your passion for open water adventure.

Discover the world-class Caribbean islands ‘ blissful white sands from the deck of your state-of-the-art private yacht. Look over the jade-colored sea and breathe in the fresh air with the distinct sweet aroma of these outer islands. With new surprises from hidden-away eateries, sunken caves, and rich history, each charter day awaits.

Top 20 Beaches to Visit in the Caribbean in 2020

Sailors with all levels of expertise will find accommodating waterways that can make sailing experiences some of the most enjoyable. Cruise through protected anchorages to marinas where your journey is king. The ever-enchanting Caribbean opens up a world of possibilities, both onshore and off, with hidden coves, warm island culture, dining on the beach, and unrivaled conditions for snorkeling and diving.

You will fulfill your nautical fantasies in a unique and exciting way on a Caribbean sailing holiday.  Start sailing from one of seven island bases on your private charter yacht, each with its distinct history, delicious cuisine and culture waiting to be explored. The Caribbean is one of the most enjoyable sailing holidays you will experience, whether you want quiet, safe waters and short island hops or thrilling blue water passages.

Over 5,000 islands, reefs and cays make the Caribbean at any level of experience a picture-perfect paradise for sailors. Clear line-of-sight navigation, deep water passages and vibrant island-hopping from one charming harbor to the next on board your own Caribbean monohull or catamaran boat.
The Caribbean is a never-ending showcase of the wonders of nature, from the verdant mountain peaks to the sparkling coral reefs full of tropical fish. Azure waters, white sugar beaches, rainforests, volcanoes–there’s nothing subtle about the Caribbean’s different landscapes. Each island has its own personality, from sleepy to busy, and you can experience it all on a Caribbean cruise.

Discover islands full of colonial history and picturesque harbors aboard a Caribbean monohull or catamaran charter. The Caribbean is a true sailor’s paradise consisting of over 5,000 islands, reefs and cays mixing fast line-of-sight sailing and demanding open water thrills. And with secluded white-sand beaches lined with coconut palms, picture-perfect harbors alive with island color splashes and hidden coral reefs framed by a mesmerizing blue backdrop, you’re going to be spoiled for places to play.
You will create picture-perfect memories that last a lifetime with stunning Caribbean charter destinations like Antigua, Bahamas, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Grenada, St. Lucia and St. Martin.

Several different cultures— Dutch, British, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, African, and indigenous Amerindians — have influenced the Caribbean islands over the centuries.

Discover the sensations of taste that you have never felt in the islands before. Garden-fresh ingredients are always available for a year-round growing season. Different flavors of the island come from coconut, jerk seasoning, pineapple, guava, papaya, ackee, etc. Not to mention, there’s plenty of the best seafood around the Caribbean. You can tour rum distilleries, cocoa farms, coffee farms on your Caribbean cruise and get an authentic Caribbean taste.

The Caribbean’s relaxing climate is the ideal place to relax and refresh. Of course, it is a must-do to bask on any beach. There are plenty of opportunities on every island to snorkel among colorful reef fish. Discover the salt flats and flamingos of Bonaire as you catch some time on the beach. Trip to some of the most incredible viewpoints and scenic views of St. Thomas on a fantastic island drive.
Board a traditional schooner on a friendly pirate ride along St. Vincent’s breathtaking coast. Walk through a green rainforest or climb in St. Kitts dormant volcano. Swim in the waters of Grand Cayman with docile stingrays. Journey into Aruba’s marine waters on a submarine at Atlantis. Travel to St. Thomas ‘ Coral World Ocean Park for a ride on an eight-foot semi-submersible boat past coral gardens and tropical fish.

Take a journey under the earth on an adventure through Harrison’s Cave in Barbados with layers of calcareous, bubbling streams and waterfalls. Discover the fascinating fortifications and history of the walled city of San Juan. Experience a Chef’s Market as you source ingredients in Castries on St. Lucia with a shipboard chef and then experience a private dinner on board of your ship.

Choose from a bareboat charter, flotilla vacation or skippered charter vacation in the Caribbean’s turquoise waters. On your next sailing trip, thrilling blue water passages are waiting for you. Take short hops on the island or cruise in the quiet, protected waters of your choice in a monohull or catamaran.

Independently set sail on a Caribbean bareboat charter and have your pick of tropical paradise anchorages and moorings. You will never be bored by the elegance and beauty of the Caribbean with each destination with various facilities and activities. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or an experienced sailor, you’re sure to find in your monohull or catamaran a blend between simple line-of-sight sailing and open water thrills.

Share new adventures on a flotilla with new friends you are vacationing in the Caribbean. When you go to the British Virgin Islands on a flotilla holiday, you’re going to party on water and on shore. Spend your days in several restaurants and bars exploring dive sites or kayaking, then savor flavors from around the world.

Skippered charters are not only for beginners. If you want to practice your sailing skills or just let a skipper lead the way, a skippered charter vacation will give you both worlds the best. A number of licensed and experienced skippers are available for the day or choose to be your guide for throughout your journey. Enjoy the Caribbean’s spectacular views at the pace you want.