Catamaran Rental

For sailing holidays, the catamaran charter is exceptionally popular. These multihull yachts offer plenty of space and comfort. A catamaran offers many advantages, especially for groups of friends and families.

The expanded deck space and large communal areas, the lively living room, more storage options, and cozy cabins can be appreciated.

Multihulls also offer further stability on the water as they bounce less. For a reasonable budget, a crewed catamaran hire already offers a luxurious charter environment. The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are not only popular with catamaran rentals. Greece and Croatia are the most sought-after catamaran sailing destinations in the world. For this type of yacht rentals, we have gathered crucial information.

Where can I book my sailing holiday with a catamaran?

The best ports in Croatia to launch a catamaran charter.

You can hire catamaran yachts from north to south along the Croatian coast. You are better chartered from Pula to visit the Kvarner Bay on the southern edge of Istria. With a catamaran, rented from Trogir, Biograd, Zadar, Sukosan, Primosten, Sibenik, Rogoznica, or Rogoznica, you can enter the Kornati Islands Archipelago. Catamaran rentals are popular among sailors in Croatia. There are now more than 25 percent of multihull ships in Croatian yacht charter fleets.

You can be sailing on the South Dalmatian Islands with a catamaran, such as Hvar, Brac, Vis, or Korcula charter from Trogir, Marina Kastela, or Split. The link is from Dubrovnik sailing up north to this beautiful world of islands.

Catamaran Charter Greece: You can rent a catamaran from these Greek harbors. If you charter a catamaran in Greece, you can choose between three different sailing areas: in the Ionian Islands, you can find charter companies based in Marina Gouvia on Corfu. Around 30 catamarans are free to choose from in Corfu for your boating holiday. Other charter fleets on the main coast and Lefkas Island sell multihull charters from Preveza. Marina Alimos in Kalamaki near Athens provides the largest selection of sailboat catamarans. You can rent about 100 catamarans from the Marina Alimos in Kalamaki to begin your sailing vacation in the Cyclades Islands. You can also borrow from the harbor town of Lavrion to visit the Cyclades with a catamaran. Lavrion’s charter companies hire about 30 catamarans. You’ll find catamaran rentals from Kos and Rhodes in the south of the Aegean Sea. There are fewer deals for catamaran sailboats to sail in the Sporades from Skiathos or Volos. Make sure you book as early as possible.

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For a catamaran cruise, Italy has fantastic sailing destinations.

Catamaran charter is becoming more common in Italy as you go south. From the Tuscany harbors of San Vincenzo, Piombino (Marina Salivoli), and Follonica (Marina di Scarlino), you can already charter some catamarans. You have direct access from these ports to the 7 Tuscan Archipelago Island such as Isola d’Elba, Giglio and Giannutri.

There are many Italian catamaran hire charter bases on the island of Sardinia. More than two dozen catamarans are available for rent in Sardinia. You can hire catamarans with or without a skipper for your vacation on the breathtaking Emerald Coast. Only scan Portisco, Olbia, Cannigione, and other charter bases for available deals.

There are catamaran rentals from Nettuno in the Gulf of Naples and the Amalfi Sea, providing excellent flights to the Pontinian Islands of Ponza and Ventotenne. Charter bases with multihull sailboats from Procida Island and Castellamare di Stabia near Naples are scattered around Naples. Search the charter bases in Salerno and Tropea to hire your catamaran trip in the Gulf of Salerno. If you are searching for a catamaran ride to Capri or Ischia, just book your sailboat from the Gulf of Naples or Salerno.

You can choose between 50 catamarans from Sicilian ports in the South of Italy. Just check the Capo d’Orlando, Portorosa, Palermo, and Marsala offers open. You can begin your catamaran rental holiday in the Aeolian Islands from these ports, such as Panarea, Stromboli, and Vulcano. There are also multihulls to hire from Trapani in the very western part of Sicily.

Explore Mallorca and the Balearic Islands on a Catamaran Charter

The port of Palma de Mallorca is the most significant departure port for renting a catamaran on the Balearics. Palma is home to over 30 charter fleets, offering around 40 cats altogether. You can also rent a multihull sailing boat from the Ca’n Pastilla, El Arenal, or Portocolom ports as well.

It is possible to charter more than 15 sailboat catamarans from San Antonio and Eivissa on Ibiza Island. If you want to sail to Menorca or Formentera on a catamaran, better look for Palma de Mallorca charters and cruise to the nearby islands.

The coast of Turkey is perfect for a Catamaran Cruise.

You may charter sailboat catamarans from three major ports in southern Turkey. Starting your catamaran cruise in Marmaris, you will consider the most critical option of boats. It is possible to rent about 15 catamarans from the Marinas of Marmaris. Bodrum and Fethiye have additional opportunities to employ a multihull with or without a skipper.

Explore the Seychelles tropical paradise with a Catamaran Sailboat

If there is a sailing destination in the world that fits best for a catamaran trip, this is the Seychelles Archipelago! Because on the Seychelles, there are few marinas, you are mostly going to anchor in natural bays. So you’ll have enough space for a large catamaran anyway so that small marina berths won’t constrain you. A multihull is suitable for moving as close to the islands as possible because the draft of a cat is low.

Most of the Seychelles islands do not have the facilities to accommodate yacht charter crews, such as showers or toilets. Therefore, it is a great advantage to arrive with a catamaran offering spacious cabins and en-suite bathrooms. Approximately 30 catamarans can be rented from the port of Mahe. You can employ them with a skipper and hostess as a bareboat. Besides, diving experiences from local diving schools are available. They also provide local guides and scuba equipment to help you on your cruise.

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Ride a catamaran in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean Antilles is providing plenty of escapes on a catamaran for a sailing holiday. The British Virgin Islands (BVI’s) in the northern Caribbean have beautiful bays and beaches to spend your sailing holidays. Tortola’s port is the most extensive charter base. Cienfuegos provides bareboat and crewed catamaran charters on Cuba.

In Saint Martin, you can book catamaran sailing ships from Anse Marcel. For your next Caribbean Boat Rental Experience, the Islands Martinique and Guadeloupe harbor host Lagoon Catamarans on the Windward Islands.

What are the catamaran rental prices?

In general, a catamaran’s charter rates are around 30-50% higher than the hire of a monohull. In the Mediterranean, in the low season, you can rent a classic catamaran of 38 feet from EUR 2,000 per week. Over the high season months, fifty feet of crewed catamarans that provide up to 10 berths would cost you more than EUR 10,000 per week. You get plenty of room and comfort for your charter cruise for this plan. If you’re used to monohull cabin sizes, a catamaran’s cabins will seem like a small apartment to you alone. New catamarans typically have a separate cabin bathroom. Marinas charge a surplus for the broader space needed on a multihull, depending on where you are. With a big a catamaran though, mooring marinas fees may be costly. Nevertheless, you have many more opportunities to anchor outside the harbors at night because of its stability and shallow draft. If you choose a crewed catamaran boat, the skipper will be paid about € 150-€ 200 a day.

Which are the most popular catamaran brands?

Catamaran rentals have been enjoying increasing popularity for years. More than one-quarter of all charter bookings exceeded the share of catamaran bookings. Many catamarans are sailboats in yacht rentals. On the other hand, the so-called “Power-Cats” are not fitted with a sailing rig but have two powerful engines. Lagoon, Fountaine Pajot, Nautitech, Alliaura Marine Privilege, and Catana Bali are famous catamaran brands.

Why is a more robust catamaran than a regular sailing boat?

A catamaran is more robust than a keel-shaped single-hull sailboat. Under sails, it almost doesn’t heel. A monohull sailboat bends into the wind when it’s underway, and doing things like walking, cooking, etc. can get a little tricky. Catamarans have a shallower draft because they don’t have a keel. Therefore, in safe bays, you can push and anchor closer to beaches and deeper. It would also be possible to’ dry out’ and run aground on most catamarans if necessary or at low tide. In fact, catamaran ships provide more anchor strength because when there is a storm, they don’t bounce that much. Through installing an Anchor Bridle, you can get even through the catamaran hull’s horizontal movements.

What is a quicker sailing yacht, a catamaran, or a monohull?

Catamarans are much smaller than single-hull sailing yachts without the heavy lead keel. Multihulls typically sail faster thanks to this property unless they are heavily loaded. This sometimes happens because of the limited storage space and huge tanks of water. Catamarans have an upwind problem. Later, they have to use the engine while a keel yacht can still fight the sea. Catamarans have less forward driving force with a much larger hull body compared to the sailing area. Another issue that leads to a significant lateral drift on high wind courses, is the lack of a keel. Nevertheless, they are great for downwind sailing courses to hit moderate. With more than 10 knots, you can enjoy surfing the waves.

What is more comfortable to navigate–a catamaran or a destroyer with a monohull?

Although catamarans have more deck space than single-hull sailing yachts, a single couple can easily manage them. The only problem is that because of the two hulls, the lengths between the winches and the mooring lines are wider.

The two different engines are a huge asset of a multihull, allowing you to transform a 360 ° catamaran on the spot. It makes it very easy to move in tight spaces. Consequently, berthing is often less complicated in marinas than with a monohull sailboat. Nonetheless, you should be mindful that when standing at the rudder, some catamarans do not have a complete overview of the port. Make yourself comfortable when you’re the first multihull skipper. This could also be achieved by employing for the first day an accomplished skipper.

How steady is a catamaran sailing?

Generally speaking, you can’t say that sailing with a catamaran is better when it comes to weather threats than with a sailboat. Nonetheless, it is a little more efficient or more convenient for a bigger group of people to travel about due to the increased space and horizontal decks. Children can stay in the salon when the sea gets rough without giving them the impression of being trapped in the “cellar.”

Ultimately, multihulls provide your charter vacation with a lot of steadiness. Catamarans can also carry on in one of the propellers with their two engines in the event of an engine problem or a chain.

When used to steer a catamaran, compared to a monohull sailboat, mooring with a catamaran is less likely to cause problems. Multihull ships can turn their axes on and navigate very accurately and predictably, thanks to the two engines. For a stress-free boat rental vacation, this is a significant surplus.

What are catamarans ‘ housing benefits?

Typically, the salon on a catamaran is on the same floor as the cockpit. A catamaran’s salon is more spacious than a sailboat and provides 360 ° views that are very light. Generally speaking, catamarans offer more space and more storage options. The cabins seem to be more spacious and the same as on a monohull. Ideally, there are four cabins of the same length in a catamaran, each with a bathroom en suite. Because they are in two different hulls, this results in more protection than a sailing boat. In each hull, you can set up different groups–for example, parents within one hull and children in the other, or you can break the two hulls between couples. You may also find it easier to cook in a catamaran galley, as these ships are more steady.

From virtually all charter ports in Croatia, Greece, and Italy, you can rent a catamaran. It is especially tempting to hire a boat in the tropical charter destinations for the European winter. These are the Seychelles, the Caribbean Sea’s Virgin Islands & Cuba, or the Pacific’s Polynesia. Rental catamarans over 49 feet are mostly sold with skippers and or hostess as crewed charters. You can compare and book online charter deals for catamarans with Yachtco. Also, look for discounted catamaran deals in the Yachtco Specials Listing.