You’ll be pleasantly surprised if you charter a catamaran.

You spend your summer holiday on the seaside and want to charter or rent a catamaran, but don’t know who to contact? All agencies that you have contacted are booked in full, or their prices are too high for your budget? Don’t be discouraged or give up on your wishes.

With Yachtco, a boat rental site, we will contact all the owners of the catamarans and plan your dream cruise – easily and at a low cost. Yes, Yachtco’s hire of a catamaran has many benefits over conventional rentals by companies. We will send you details so you can measure your boat’s total price right away. We will speak directly to the boat owner, answer all your questions, and tailor the deal to your needs.

After handling all catamaran rental information, you can easily book a boat. The 6000 catamarans available on Yachtco, allow you to systematically find the perfect sail for your cruise.

Catamarans for rental and charter

All the time, Yachtco makes you feel like there’s no limit when it comes to renting or chartering a boat. You can choose any boat at any time and anywhere (catamaran, sailboat, motorboat, jet ski). Whether you’re sailing in August with a catamaran to explore the Dalmatian coastline or spending Easter holidays in the French Riviera, you can find your dream boat on the Yachtco platform.

The idea is always the same: pick the boat you want, contact the owner and then make a reservation. There is no need for other administrative formalities. Finally, if you choose to rent a catamaran, it will give you substantial savings as it will allow you to rent up to 40 percent cheaper than a conventional rental service.