Crewed boat rental

All-Inclusive & All About You

A crewed yacht charter offers the ultimate all-inclusive water holiday on your personal sailing or boat catamaran. Your party of up to 10 will enjoy comfortable accommodations and a luxurious, customized yacht charter experience, complete with a professional captain and gourmet chef.

Your yacht charter from Yachtco Crew combines the convenience of luxury holidays with the spirit of adventure travel. Aboard your personal Sail or Power yacht, you will enjoy your captain’s nautical expertise and local knowledge, while your gourmet chef will always delight you with delicious meals customized to your specific tastes.

Choose from more than 15 fantastic Caribbean, European, Mediterranean, Asian, Far East, and South Pacific destinations.

Crewed Charter Inclusions

  • Captain and Chef
  • All Meals, Snacks and Beverages*
  • Fully Stocked Bar*
  • Watersports
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • Housekeeping
  • Facilities
  • Some Mooring Ball Fees + Gas
  • 2 Bean Bags (Not in Italy)
  • Air Conditioning

The all-inclusive Crewed Yacht holiday requires luxurious accommodation on board a luxury air-conditioned catamaran and customized service from a professional catamaran crew. Specially designed for easy sailing, our yachts are fitted with all the equipment you need to snorkel, kayak, swim, kneeboard and more. On request, we can also organize additional activities for you. Discover an all-inclusive experience with Yachtco on a Crewed Yacht holiday – all about you.

What’s included with your Crewed Yacht Charter Vacation:

  • Captain & Chef (plus steward on boats bigger than 60 feet)
  • All meals, snacks and beverages*
  • Fully stocked bar**
  • Wifi***
  • Towels and linens
  • Watersports gear: — Snorkeling equipment— 1 sup— 1 kayak — Fishing equipment.

What is not included?

  • Gratuity – a fee of 100 EUR per person in your group is recommended if you are satisfied with the quality of the service.
  • Marina & docking fees.
  • The rate does not include airfare, airport transfers or free travel insurance.

*Our Crewed Yacht Charters offers a variety of gourmet menu options on board, but two dinner meals are not included in the charter package for guests to enjoy the luxury of local offshore dining.

**House wines, sparkling wines, alcohol, beer, soft drinks & water (available brands vary from region to region) are included in the cost of the charter. Specific alcohol requests-All ships provide an excellent range of wine & spirits, but please let us know in your Crewed Beverage Preference sheet if there is a specific brand you would like to order. A’ additional fee’ may be paid, subject to quantity and availability.

*** Italy not included. Inside cruising grounds, Internet connectivity and speed can vary.

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Looking for a boat?

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Yachtco Crewed Charter

Yachtco Crewed is a specialist yacht charter holiday brokerage specializing in the finest sailing holidays and motor yacht cruises at discounted rates on the most luxurious yachts.

There are many great ships and crews out there vying for your company in this tough economic climate, and they are willing to offer some attractive rates to get it.

Last minute and low season discounts are popular in the bareboat charter industry. Yachtco has established itself as the world’s leading consolidator of bareboat charters operating with all major companies on the premise that a yacht unused receives nothing and is better off using it at a discounted price.

That idea has now entered the Crewed Yacht industry with ships recognizing that it is better to offer a last-minute discount than to waste a week at the port. We deliver the best discounts for late booked charters, thus our name, but all year round we will find special offers.

How is it going to work?

Yachtco Crewed’s team is working hard to develop relationships with all the best yachts and crews and stay in regular contact with their rate of booking, promotions, and the benefits they are willing to offer.

We are constantly updating this site’s special offer page so you can see the deals the yachts are currently offering. We are always at your side to partner with you to find the perfect yacht and strike the right deal. Our team works to get to know all the best yachts and crews by attending the different international yacht shows. With our experience, to give you the most enjoyable and fantastic holiday, we will suit you perfectly with the boat and crew. You can rest assured that you will get the holiday at the best price with our understanding of business experience.

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What’s a yacht with a crew?

You’re in a floating resort that always changes the scenery.

Your crewed yacht charter is an inexpensive, all-inclusive holiday on a sailing yacht (monohull or catamaran) or motor yacht with a nice, professional and attentive crew (captain and chef/stewardess) to take care of your private group.

A crewed sailing holiday helps you to relax and take as much active part as you want in the yacht’s sailing. You’re relaxed because you’ve got a crew that looks after the yacht, food, and cleaning as well as being your guide.

This is luxury sailing at its finest, concentrating on convenience, space and relaxation while cruising in beautiful surroundings. Forget about an overcrowded cruise ship. Alternatively, take a look at our luxury sailing, energy, or mega yachts sailing in the broad seas.

We have a charter cruise for your plan from the Virgin Islands sailing holidays to Mediterranean megayachts. We have thousands of charters available worldwide!

We know the yachts, owners, and destinations personally and will provide you with free personal & impartial assistance in making your choice. You can be an accomplished sailor or in have never seen a yacht in your life. We are proud of our ability to match your unique needs and interests with each yacht vacation individual specialties. Such attention to detail makes sure you get the best private yacht charter getaway possible. Whether you’re looking for a small private honeymoon sailing holiday or a large corporate yacht charter event, among the best available we can find what you want.

Special charters

  • The lavish wedding and Mediterranean honeymoon,
  • a private birthday or anniversary celebration,
  • a fun and stress-free family reunion,
  • a rare and exciting corporate escape,
  • gay friendly holidays,
  • scuba diving holidays,
  • and more.

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You should consider booking a crewed yacht charter in Croatia if you do not have the sailing experience and the required licenses to pilot your yacht and still want to enjoy sailing on the Adriatic Sea. Croatia is the center for exclusive boating excursions, and the start of a relaxing holiday experience can be a crewed yacht charter leaving from one of our several coastal locations.

Each crew has their unique roles and responsibilities to perform on the vessel. Captain, skipper, chef, hostess, sailor, and security guards make up the team. There are different reasons why on your Croatian sailing holiday you would consider hiring a crewed charter.

Why Book a Crewed Yacht Charter

For your sailing holiday, there are several reasons to book a yacht with crews. The main reason is the vessel itself. The sailing boats are all made up of state-of-the-art gullets, catamarans, and manufacturers of sailing at Yachtco.

At Yachtco, our yachts range from yachts sailing very fast using traditional methods, to ships using more powerful engines. These are designed for comfort and speed to meet your specific needs and maximize your holiday experience; to ensure maximum security, these all use a modern computer navigation system. They feature high ceilings, a spacious galley and bar area, air-conditioned suite cabins with a comfortable bathroom, and a deck-wide, cushioned lounge seating for all on board. The yachts’ even-keeled slow-motion reduces the likelihood of seasickness and a comfortable interior that provides plenty of space and privacy.

Another reason to find for your sailing holiday in Croatia a crewed yacht charter is the escape from the hassles and pressure. In addition to the yacht’s spacious interior and executive exterior, trained and competent sailors and crew members are crewed with chartered yacht. The crewed yacht charter gives you the feeling of absolute luxury when you sail through the open sea; all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your sailing holiday.

The crew will take care of all the necessary precautions and processes including docking, security, washing, cooking, and may also provide recommendations for places to visit, routes to take, and so on to ensure maximum sailing experience. You’ll stay interested with the crewed charter, eat well and sleep well, and there’s nothing to think about.

The ability to make your itinerary is another advantage that comes with Yachtco crewed yacht charter in Croatia. Although your crew may be able to provide advice on where to go, you may also want to schedule it all in advance. Whether you like concrete ideas about everything you want to do or you want to leave all the details or your journey to the desire of every moment, a crewed yacht charter can be your perfect vacation.

A chartered yacht crewed will take you to different coastal towns to explore the numerous ruins, islands, landmarks and traditional treasures. It can also take you to beautiful nature destinations in one of the many national parks or it remains out for your whole sailing holiday in the open sea. Our yachts are available to take you on the Adriatic journey you see fit to give you once in a lifetime sailing holiday.

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You can bring a crewed yacht charter in Croatia with you on board as we have the yacht that can fit up to 16 passengers. A charter gulet or yacht trip can be a great environment for team building events, romantic getaway, birthday, and wedding anniversaries, and our yachts have spacious cabins that wouldn’t overwhelm 16 people on the yacht.

Then again, you can charter a yacht with a few cabins on one of our crewed yachts if you’re traveling on a smaller budget. You may be placed on board our crewed yacht charter with other individuals, families or couples and it will ensure that you enjoy a yacht charter in Croatia for much less money.

The crew can consist of:

  • Captain: this is the vessel’s highest-ranking officer, responsible for driving and navigating the yacht.
  • Skipper: the only crew member on board responsible for handling the yacht and also protecting the guests when a small boat is involved.
  • Sailor: Helping around the boat, keeping it smooth and dry, helping guests or skippers when needed, and also taking responsibility for the yacht’s health.
  • Hostess: if they’re on board, they take care of the kids; if there’s no cook on board, they take care of cleaning, washing, food supply and also cooking.
  • Cook: They take care of the meat, the dishes, and the galley as well.
  • Security guard: They make sure the yacht and everyone on board is free.

You will enjoy your sailing vacation in a grant style and learn a thing or two in the process as well. Yachtco provides a great crew collection to ensure an unforgettable Croatian vacation experience.

If you ever want to spend the holidays in Croatia, Greece, Turkey or the Caribbean and also have the chance to sail on one of the world’s executive yachts, Yachtco will make sure you enjoy watching the waves in the sea, breathing fresh new air, sailing comfortably with professional coaches without having to think about anything but enjoying yourself to the fullest. See our crew on standby for more details.

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Highest-ranking officer onboard a vessel. Like the boat’s different categories, there are several categories of captains; one thing for sure, a captain is the crew’s highest ranked officer, and that never changes. Keep in mind that if you rent a boat with a crew, the captain will have the final say on all matters concerning the ship.

A captain’s job is to drive the yacht, ensure that everything on board is running smoothly, and also manage all the paperwork needed. You should always negotiate the path with him, but if there is any risk or bad weather, you will, without doubt, follow the captain.

Each job on the boat is divided among the crew, but no manual labor is performed by the captain. The captain is navigating the yacht and advising on the route as well.

The captain given by Yachtco are licensed professionals who, depending on the vessel and sailing area rented in Croatia, have all the necessary licenses.


Sailor on a large yacht is the leading crew member. Because the captain is responsible for taking care of all the paperwork and also running the yacht, the sailor is the foreman who conducts manual labors such as cleaning the deck, holding the yacht in good condition, assisting with docking, refueling, etc.

In addition, the sailor carries out the commands of the captain and also helps in the yacht’s navigation. The sailor is responsible for the boat’s looks and also does the proper functioning of specific equipment. Thus ensuring the safety of the passengers and the yacht is the responsibility of all crew members, the sailor assumes a guard post if there are no guards on board. Therefore, should you find any difficulties on board or with the yacht, the sailor is the one you turn, although this is unlikely to happen.

Security guard

The security guard is not always the main crew member, but on your request they are readily available. Since his duty is to ensure the safety of visitors, ships, and staff, the role of the security guard is quite obvious. This is most important when anchoring in islands or marinas where there are plenty of men, or when someone wants to reach the yacht out of curiosity and without any bad intentions. Although these cases are very rear, without the presence of a security guard, some clients and guests do not feel comfortable and secure.

While for most clients such fears are irrational, for wealthy individuals and celebrities, taking care of your properties and family is okay to have security. There’s very little chance of someone trespassing on your yacht because there’s a crew member on board at all times.

If you feel the need for a security guard on board so you can feel safe and secure, Yachtco offers Croatia’s yacht charter’s most excellent security.


A skipper is responsible for the yacht’s sailing. He also carries out other jobs such as making smaller sail repairs, repairing the boat and moving the vessel between charters from one marina to another, doing paper work in marinas, and so on when there are no other crew on board. He ensures guest health, offers other useful advice when sailing, and points out fun places to visit or things to do. He answers yacht questions and shows you some stuff to navigate a boat.

Skippers spend a lot of time on the boat and there’s always plenty to do on board. The skippers are highly professional and respect the privacy of the customer. Skippers at Yachtco will bring all the fun and make sure you enjoy a nice and happy sailing holiday in Croatia.


In the vessel, hostesses are primarily responsible for tidying and washing. We are also responsible for preparing the food if there is no chef on board. There are many works to be done on the yacht to make sure everything is in order and each job is properly distributed among the members of the crew. So the hostess ‘ role varies depending on whether she’s on board or alone with other crew members.

Yachtco offers a hostess who can be in charge of keeping the yacht smooth and dry, shopping and cooking grocery stores, and so on when you hire a hostess. The hostess and the skipper will take care of everything when there is a skipper on board to ensure that the guest has an enjoyable and unforgettable time on board. She is generally not liable for grocery shopping or any other physical work if she is part of the full team.

Our hostesses are highly educated about recent events and are well trained. To ensure that the guest has a pleasant sailing holiday in Croatia, they frequently interact with the guests to answer questions and explain things about local rules and traditions.


A cook’s work is very simple. He cooks the food and takes care of the food supply and drinks. It’s definitely a good meal that makes everyone feel better. The cooks are experts who are trained and are very good at their jobs. A lot of local and foreign dishes are prepared to make these guests have a full belly to have more fun. We cook the meals to suit the guests demands.

The cooks are friendly, in order to avoid any health risks, you should consult with them about the meals you want and the things you don’t like or are allergic to.

The cook is responsible for providing the requisite supplies of food and groceries to the yacht. You may also want to employ a chef as a guest chartering a big yacht. Without your permission, no food will be purchased on board. In order to ensure that visitors have a wonderful experience on board our yachts, Yachtco also positions top professional cooks.