Get YCHT Yachtco Crypto Currency

How to get YCHT?

Yachtco Cryptocurrency (YCHT) is currently trading on Waves Exchange:

There are multiple ways to get YCHT. Here is the easiest way:

1) Get YCHT with credit card (Visa or Mastercard) from Waves Exchange

    1. Go to
    2. Create account or sign in
    3. On the wallet page find WAVES and click RECEIVE
    4. Click on CARD,
    5. enter amount and select EUR, click continue
    6. You will be redirected to INDACON where you will do the transaction
    7. Now you have Waves
    8. Go back to WAVES EXCHANGE
    9. Go to TRADING
    10. In SEARCH type YCHT
    11. you will see all YCHT trading pairs
    12. Select YCHT / WAVES
    13. on bottom right corner of screen put your order
      1. select BEST ASK
      2. in TOTAL section type in amount of waves
      3. click BUY
    14. Go to your wallet dashboard
    15. you will see a + sign, click and add (pin) YCHT
    16. click on send YCHT
    17. enter reciplient address (our address)
    18. Enter amount of YCHT to send
    19. in desription type in: your full name, charter date, boat name and charter contract number
    20. click CONTINUE
    21. confirm transaction

2) With bank transfer from us

Contact us on our email ( to get more info on how to get YCHT directly from us.