Greece boat rental and yacht charter

Greece is situated between the Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea in the south of the Balkans. Thanks to its paradise islands and calm seawaters, nautical tourism is well established in Greece, making it a perfect destination for sailing, with the possibility of hiring a skipper with a crew if you don’t have a boating license.

Nautical tourism continues to go back and forth between the Cyclades and Crete from the edge of a crystal clear sea and close to the Mediterranean sun. The best way to enjoy your Greek trip is to rent a motorboat or a sailboat to get away from crowded places in the summer and be blessed with beautiful islands.

Looking for a boat in Greece is a great opportunity to explore the area with your family or friends by catamaran, sailboat or motorboat. We strongly recommend exploring the Ionian Sea in the Aegean Sea, Paros, Mykonos and Rhodes; these are all perfect locations for chartering a yacht, scuba diving, or kite surfing. It will be a great experience to hire a boat in Greece and sail between the islands, which allows you to enjoy Greece to the fullest. One of Greece’s best sailing destinations is in the Northern Sporades area, a group of small green islands off the coast of Pilio with a multitude of beautiful coves and sandy beaches in the Northern Aegean.

It is better to limit the number of islands on your itinerary for those engaged in the Cyclades to reduce the amount of time spent traveling. Kea, Syros, Mykonos, Kythnos are all popular and accessible routes. The more experienced will head west to the Cyclades (Kythnos, Serifos, Sifnos and Milos), as well as visit pristine beaches that are hard to reach by land, such as Kleftiko on Milos, Bisti on Hydra and Kolona on Kythnos.

Enjoy the tasty Moussaka, the Skordalia and the local Tzatziki while walking through the streets of Athens and treat yourself to some Baklavas to finish your meal. There are also two popular beverages in Greek gastronomy: Retsina, with a nutty pine flavor, and the famous Ouzo, an anise-made alcoholic beverage. As a National Marine Park, the northeastern end of the island group is protected and is a refuge and breeding ground for the endangered Mediterranean Monk seal.

Greece, made up of 80% of mountains and high peaks like Mount Olympus, is a country with a rich cultural history. Discover beautifully preserved buildings and historical landmarks and be welcomed on the beach for romantic evenings and dinner by the water.