Italy boat rental and yacht charter

Italy is a land of love and passion, history and culture, intertwined with varied beauty in nature. In comparison to Sardinia’s more modest but no less stunning Emerald Coast, the volcanic Aeolian Islands rise. Near the Bay of Naples, the picturesque Amalfi coast is the essence of serenity and tradition. Bustling Palermo in Sicily, like the outer islands off the Sicilian coast, offers a rare scenic draw. Italian yacht charter provides a wide variety of experiences and a taste of the Mediterranean’s finest.

From the helm of a bareboat charter sail the seas of ancient heroes and legendary tales and navigate the chain of islands with their own secrets to discover. Start a new journey in Sardinia, 475 kilometers from the sea, before exploring a number of photo-worthy towns and harbors along the way. Charters, volcanoes, spectacular anchorages and beautiful sailing await onboard yacht charters throughout the Aeolian Islands, where untouched wonders reside.

Cruising around the rugged coastline of Italy, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve stumbled on the set of a Brigitte Bardot film. One day you’re sailing past Amalfi Coast’s pastel-colored villages, the next rubbing elbows with the locals and drinking martinis on Capri’s famous island, or hot-footing it to Pompeii to learn about its explosive past. While the cerulean waters and the glorious sunlight will tempt you to laze all day on deck, with so much to see you’re not going to want to stay put.

The azure waters and beautiful port towns on the west coast of Italy have been a mecca for sailors for a long time. This vast coastline’s picturesque seaside cities, sleepy islands and dry, quiet beaches provide enticing anchorages for sailors to explore. In the meantime, the Mediterranean’s calm, colorful waters are ideal for snorkeling and produce the delicious seafood dishes that are well known to the region.
Italy has a lot to offer to both seasoned sailors who love sailing and comparative novices, with endless leisure activities to enjoy back on the ground. With four different bases to sail from and hundreds of miles to explore the coastline, Italy will keep you coming back for more over and over again.

Start your Italian islands sailing holiday and explore an area full of navigational challenges and sensory delights. Sail the whole Amalfi Coast, or hang out on the Costa Smeralda with the rich and famous. Moor up in town harbors close to pastel-colored homes, eat delicious seafood, sunbathe, and map a path through azure seas under the commanding gaze of Mounts Etna and Vesuvius.