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Charter Sardinia & Cro

Race & Cruise – Sail Charter in Venice, Croatia and Sardinia. Our mean of transport is the sail yacht. This is the way we...
Race and Cruise
30 sec read

Yachting in Sardinia family grows up!

Santa is bringing 4 brand new yachts to YiS and they will soon join the fleet. Besides the well-tested Duf 430, 3 new models...
Yachting in Sardinia
15 sec read

Start the new decade with boot Düsseldorf

Excitement, action and fun for all water sports enthusiasts Online ticket sales started 18.11.2019 boot Düsseldorf will present itself from 18 to 26 January...
8 min read


The big day has finally come! Yachtco is officially open for business! In the last few months, we have been tirelessly working on designing...
Nada Skenderija
2 min read

Getting Clear In Big Fleets

Like skiers at the top of a giant slalom run, sailors using pre-race mental imagery probably visualize launching off the starting line into a...
Nada Skenderija
4 min read

Andersen Sailing Winches – making the right choice

Andersen winches are a big name in the boating business. Designed and manufactured in Denmark, Andersen Winches have earned a reputation for building high...
Nada Skenderija
3 min read

52nd Semaine Olympique Française de Hyères: The place to be…

From April 18th to 25th 2020, just three months away from Tokyo Olympic Games, Hyères will welcome once again the world’s best Olympic sailors....
Nada Skenderija
1 min read

How to Anchor a Sailboat

The Importance of Good Anchoring Technique Few sailing experiences are as scary as waking in the middle of the night with the wind blowing...
Nada Skenderija
7 min read

The Ocean Cleanup

Boyan Slat, Founder of The Ocean Cleanup, updated the status of his ocean clean up project with encouraging news about the progress that the organization...
Nada Skenderija
1 min read

Increasing Gender Diversity In Sailing

The World Sailing Trust, a global charity to support the sailing community, has released its Strategic Review into Women in Sailing, a report that...
Nada Skenderija
2 min read