Portugal boat rental and yacht charter

Portugal is a country in Western Europe, Spain borders it on the east and north, and it touches the Atlantic Ocean on the west and south. It is a country of diversity; in the north, lakes, woods and rich valleys are a stunning contrast to the beaches, mountains, coves, vast olive groves and orange groves.

The mild climate, bright sunshine and gentle winds make sailing along the Portuguese coast an outstanding experience. There are plenty of places where you can launch your cruise: Cascais Bay near Lisbon and the Algarve’s Lagos Bay are considered the best starting points for the regatta and regularly host some of the most prestigious competitions and trophies for sailing.

Portugal is your perfect holiday stop all year round with its warm climate, 3000 hours of sunshine per year and 850 kilometers of beautiful beaches washed away by the Atlantic Ocean. It is a country with the earliest boundaries in Europe, with an incredible range of different scenery just a short distance away, plenty of holiday activities and a unique cultural heritage, where tradition and modernity blend in perfect harmony together. The excellent food, fine wines and friendly people make it a top-quality tourist paradise. Located in Europe’s far south-west, just a few hours away from any of the other European capitals, Portugal draws tourists from around the world.

In the summer, from June to September, it enjoys a magnificent Mediterranean climate with excellent sailing conditions.

Through flying to Lisbon Portela, the country’s largest airport in central Portugal, you can get to your Portugal sailing holiday. All destinations are right on the coast, making great mooring points for your Portugal sailing trip. You can easily take a shuttle service, a car rental or a taxi to get from the airport. The local currency is the Euro, with Porto Atlântico, Cascais near Lisbon and Lagos in the Algarve as the largest marinas in Portugal.

Since the Atlantic Ocean offers a different sailing experience compared to the neighboring Mediterranean Sea, it is recommended that inexperienced sailors sail along the coast of mainland Portugal instead of a sailing trip to the Azores ‘ offshore volcanic island chain. While starting from the south and heading north is possible, you will have an easier time starting around Porto and heading down the coast from Lisbon to the Algarve.

Sail around some of the most popular cruising ground in the world, such as Cascais Bay, near Lisbon, and Algarve’s Lagos Bay, which host several major regattas. Take in the stunning coastline of Portugal, characterized by golden cliffs and long stretches of seductive beaches. The Algarve offers more than 150 km of beautiful coastline where calmer waters are to be found in the East.

For more seasoned sailors, the Azores Islands to the west of the mainland is a particularly attractive sailing destination. Particularly worth seeing are the volcanic landscapes and rainforests of the Azores and historic cities like Horta and Angra do Heroísmo when choosing Portugal for your sailing holiday.

Porto, Cascais and Lagos, as well as Terceira and several other harbors on the beautiful Azores Islands, will be your main mooring locations. This is a country with the best sites and beautiful island locations to discover with your Portugal sailing vacation. You will land on the best beaches, and you will also see many places of historical and cultural interest.