Yachtco Roadmap

June, 2007

Some of Yachtco’s team members start sailing in Croatia with family and friends

August, 2014

Idea for charter agency

October, 2014

Blackbird Group Ltd was founded (sister company),
Signed first contracts with partners,
1000+ boats available worldwide

November, 2014 was launched

December, 2014

First customers signed a contract with us

April, 2015

First customers went sailing with us

September, 2015

Visited International Charter Expo,
Signed more contracts with partners,
2000+ boats available worldwide

October, 2015

Launched and

July, 2016

Idea for Yachtco
Start of research and concept development

August, 2016

Blackbird One Ltd. founded in Gibraltar

September, 2016

Visited International Charter Expo,
Signed more contracts with partners,
3000+ boats available worldwide

January, 2017

Signed more contracts with partners,
7000+ boats available worldwide

February, 2017

Websites redesign

September, 2017

Visited International Charter Expo

January, 2018

Team Creation,
Idea and concept finalisation

July, 2018

Brand design

October, 2018

Yachtco Trademark application filled
Yachtco token created on Waves platform

November, 2018

Visited International Charter Expo and tested the market by presenting idea to our partners

December, 2018

White Paper finalisation

February, 2019 Token Presale Crowdfunding starts,
Crowdsale marketing,
Publish Yachtco website,
Set up community, social media and content channels

March, 2019

Community growth

July, 2019

Ready beta app
Conclued of preliminary agreements with partners,
Get first boats onto platform

August, 2019

Yachtco Token Crowdsale Series A starts

September, 2019

Visit International Charter Expo,
Sign more contracts with partners,
Early access launch,
Platform test phase,
Order boats

October, 2019

Commercial launch of the project

March, 2020

Setup a base in marina,
Boat delivery in marina

April, 2020

Crowdsale Series A ends,
Delivery of Yachtco tokens to crowdsale participants,
Yachtco tokens starts trading on DEX exchange