Slovenia boat rental and yacht charter

Although its coastline is only 46.6 km long, you can discover many fascinating sights and natural beauties while chartering a yacht in Slovenia. Four seaside towns can be found there: Piran, Portorož, Koper and Izola. The picturesque Piran is the perfect starting point for sailing around the Adriatic coast and exploring the interior of Slovenia. Koper is a lovely old town with a small marina and narrow streets. In Izola, in the country’s largest marina, you can moor your yacht or catamaran.

The most exciting place to visit is Portorož if you choose to charter a yacht in Slovenia. There are several casinos besides visiting bars and restaurants where you can try your luck.
Tour the stunning Gothic Venetian buildings, explore the breathtaking Triglav National Park, the magnificent Postojna and Skocjan caves, or the Bled and Bohinj romantic lakes. You can also take a short adventourus trip to the old Istrian villages from Portorož, where you can meet friendly local people and visit their vineyards, orchards and olive groves. If you don’t like sightseeing, just enjoy your sailing holiday on your bareboat charter or skippered sailing boat, swim and sunbathe on some of the beautiful beaches and bays in the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, and relax with your significant other, family and friends.

Slovenia is home to a total of five historic regions covering an area of approximately 20,000 square kilometers, of which only one is of interest to enthusiastic sailors. It is the Primorska region to go for when it comes to a sailing holiday in Slovenia, as this region covers the entire Adriatic coast of Slovenia.

For sailors, Slovenia has a lot to offer. The Slovenian coast is an exciting sailing area, where every cruise is an absolute highlight. The Adriatic Sea is already a popular setting for Europe’s sailing trips and has an extensive network of ports. The Adriatic coast of Slovenia provides numerous opportunities for anchoring.

Attractive sailor destinations in Slovenia: Slovenia is a great discovery when it comes to boat charter. While the Slovenian coastline is less than 50 kilometers long, chartering a yacht and exploring the country as part of a sailing trip is worthwhile. The Slovenian Riviera stretches from northern Italy to southern Croatia, leading yacht charter crews in one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful parts.

Lots of interesting destinations await sailors along the coast, with new marinas and a traditional Mediterranean atmosphere. Historic centers and the picturesque coast are attractions for visitors who are still able to feel the Venetian or Italian influences focused on monumental buildings.

Thanks to the new seaport and overseas trade ties, one of the leading ports in Slovenia is situated in Koper. Koper links Slovenia to the world and thus plays a central role in the national economy.

Tourists should not skip a visit to Koper. In the historic town, there’s plenty to discover. Travelers who are committed to the Slovenian yacht charter are likely to be very involved in the operations of an internationally active seaport like Koper. However, it is worth taking a walk on this day to visit places like the Assumption Cathedral and the Praetorian Palace.

Other places you can visit during your sailing trip are the town of Izola with its historic old town and the famous seaside resort of Portoroz. New marinas in front of the Slovenian coast allow sailors to anchor. Therefore, whoever wants to sail in Slovenia or spend an unforgettable holiday on the seaside is at the right place in the Primorska region. A wide selection of yacht charter deals in Slovenia should make a unique experience for your sailing holiday.

High peaks, pristine hills, canyons and wild streams, karst caves, hot springs and historic treasures await for your visit. The 47 km long coastline is home to some beautiful little towns built in the Venetian style, modern marinas and picturesque harbors. Slovenia is a country that is very environmentally friendly. The Blue Flag and the eco-label are often awarded to the beaches and marinas.

Slovenia ranks among the top countries in terms of water cleanliness (both at sea and inland). Delicious food complements all of this.

You can also enjoy a boating holiday with other activities such as sea kayaking, fishing (you can purchase a trip from a specialist agency) and diving (the sea between Piran and the Strunjan Nature Park is overflowing with life and rare species of fish). You may also enjoy rafting or kayaking in white water, horse riding, a trip to unique karst caves (Škocjan Caves, Postojnska Jama), a walk or bike ride (there are many marked hiking and biking paths here, some leading along the coastline), or a visit to Triglav National Park.

The Slovenians are very hard-working and attentive, but knowing the right people is worth it. In the towns of Portorož, Izola and Koper, there are the most modern marinas. The town of Piran, Slovenia’s Venice, also has an excellent harbor. All the cities mentioned above also serve as entry ports. Izola serves from spring to autumn as a port of entry. For beginners and families with children, as well as more seasoned yachtsmen, this venue is suitable. A gentle and steady wind usually blows here in the summer, and harbors are typically fitted with moorings and assistants to support shore. Thanks to its shallow depth, the sea is stunning and hot in the summer.