What is YCHT cryptocurrency

What is YCHT cryptocurrency?

Yachtco (YCHT) is a cryptocurrency for nautical and yachting business.

The YCHT cryptocurrency is:

  • A cryptocurrency; Yachtco can be used to buy and sell real-world goods, like Bitcoin
  • Platform token; Yachtco can be used as “payment” to run transactions on a blockchain platform, like Ethereum

Yachtco token usage examples:

  • Clients pay for a booked boat
  • Boat owner gets paid for a booked boat
  • Clients get rewards for promoting us (reviews, blogs, facebook,…)
  • Booking agencies get their commission in tokens for booking boats
  • Marinas can charge berths in tokens
  • Skippers get paid in tokens
  • Cooks and crew get paid in tokens
  • Clients get discounts if they book a boat and pay in tokens
  • Booking agencies pay for booking data and booking system usage
  • Boat managers pay for booking system usage
  • Clients pay security deposits for a chartered boat

We are implementing and performing different activities to promote the YCHT cryptocurrency and system usage:

  • By offering discounts for using YCHT cryptocurrency for different services
  • Airdrops
  • Bounty programmes
  • Affiliate promotional bonuses
  • Review rewards