Yacht/Boat Takeover

Yacht/Boat Takeover

Arrival at the base

This is the moment when your yacht vacation starts. You certainly need the charter contract, voucher, skipper’s license, VHF license and personal documents. It is very important to mention the expected time of arrival to base in advance, so we tried to get going as soon as possible. Daily check-in from 16.00 pm is scheduled. On arrival at the foundation, and to solve the last paperwork, you should go to the office. You must show the original skipper’s license and VHF, take a checked passenger list and pay a security deposit, or if the security deposit insurance option is valid. The workers at the base will help you find a parking space if you come by car.


You are ready to check in when you have finished the paperwork in the office. After boarding, you can monitor the boat inventory and the chartered boat equipment together with the base staff. To prevent more difficulties after departure, be careful when inspecting equipment. If all is in order, the inventory list has been signed by both parties and you can set sail. You have contact during the charter for technical support and potential involvement. Any damage to the boat or fault rented must be reported to the base immediately.


Before disembarking do not forget to fill water tanks and fuel tanks. It is advised to return to base on Friday afternoon. On Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, check-out will be completed. You must transfer control back to the inventory list at the check-out. The condition of the boat should be the same as on boarding. It is very important to state all of the inventory list in writing in the event of errors or any other issues during the charter. Once again, the boat inventory list is signed by both parties.

General Information

  • Please take your time to be told about your yacht; it will take some time to get a detailed guidance, but you will be able to save some time during your holidays. In addition, big yachts have a lot of technical equipment–learning how to handle these yachts is likely to be a little harder than learning how to handle a smaller yacht.
  • Before the first set-up, please advise your crew members and delegate their own assignment to each crew member. This will allow you to cope with possible critical situations. However, even the best skipper is lost if, due to inadequate guidance, his crew can’t help him.
  • Include some potential eluding stations as you schedule your tour; in case of any weather or yacht issues, it’s always nice to have some alternatives that can be reached easily and without any problems.
  • A yacht has many conveniences, but it also has a technological framework that is very sensitive. Smaller technical issues are likely, even if we are waiting perfectly and correctly for the yachts. Please inform our service station in the marina, i.e. the competent instructor for your yacht, in case of any such problems and if you are unable to take care of the problem yourself. As soon as possible, one of our staff will join you and seek to take care of the problem, or he will give you advice on how to solve the problem over the phone. The boat map includes all the relevant phone numbers on board, along with the description of the yacht.
  • We also have a service boat so we can reach you relatively quickly to solve any problems if you call us and we have your exact location.
  • Please do not enter the yacht in black sole shoes or in high heels; please enter the yacht’s interiors in completely clean shoes or barefoot.
  • Test the inventory before the yacht’s handover. If you have any additional equipment wishes, such as additional fenders, blankets or pantry furnishings, please let us know. We will be pleased to supply you with any type of equipment that we have.
  • When you board the yacht, please check the operability of the refrigerator, toilet, electric stove and other appliances. Please make sure to know exactly how to handle the toilet facilities. Do not throw toilet paper in the toilets, please–in every bathroom there is a small container for toilet paper. We often have to deal with pipe-blocking due to incorrect treatment. First of all, a clogged toilet produces odors–and secondly, the special cleaning and any other material or repair costs have to be paid to you.
  • Please check the anchor’s operability, navigation lights, anchor light, GPS, and all other technological devices when assuming the yacht. These are the skipper’s responsibilities.
  • The owner will show you where the life jackets are so keep this in mind and check if there are appropriate life jackets on board.

What you need to consider when taking over a yacht or before you set out

  • Check the cooling water, the oil level of the engines and the fuel reservoir before setting out, because there is nothing more dangerous than to find yourself on the open sea –probably amid rough sea –with engine malfunction.
  • Is the power cable on board and disconnected? There is nothing more frustrating than to be in the marina and to have no shore link.
  • Is the water hose disconnected and on board? Did you get the connection; it’s hard to get the link in Croatia, so if you miss it, there may be some water supply problems.
  • Did you get the papers for the yacht after spending a night in a marina? Is the dinghy fastened in the right way?
    Is the ladder up?
  • Have all the scuttles been closed? This is very critical, as in the case of rough seawater, this could lead to the loss of the yacht in the worst case scenario; moreover, if the saltwater gets in, the yacht’s furnishing could be ruined.
  • Is all well stowed?
  • Have you been refilling the water tank? You never know when and where you’re going to get water? In the marinas, especially in the summer, a water shortage can occur.
  • Have you scheduled your tour according to the weather and have possible alternative destinations in mind? The weather can change unexpectedly in the Adriatic as well.
  • The most important thing: don’t ever let your crew pressure you if you feel insecure as a skipper or if you don’t think it’s advisable to set up.

The skipper is fully responsible for the yacht and the boat and not the crew!!!

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