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Yacht charter and boat rental

What’s nice to know about your next rental of boats?

If I don’t have a Skipper License, can I charter?

If you don’t have a skipper license, you don’t have to do without a yacht charter holiday. Most charter companies offer the option of hiring a skipper. The skipper is the one responsible for maneuvering the chartered vessel. If you have little experience in seamanship, it may also be best to employ a skipper on the water for the first days. In this way, under the instruction, you will expand your expertise and do not have to bear sole responsibility. You should consider getting a skipper policy to enjoy a carefree holiday on a charter boat. For the chartered yacht and the passengers, you should guarantee the charter deposit sum or liability risks.

What’s the difference between a Catamaran and a Monohull?

It depends on many factors, whether a monohull sailboat or a catamaran is the right choice for your charter holiday. Of course, for your planned water vacation, your preferences and requirements are also crucial. When selecting the right yacht type, the ideal yacht charter can also be decisive. Learn more about catamarans and their apps.

Should I hire a motor yacht or a sailing boat?

You’re not sailing, and you’re renting a motor yacht? You’re on the right side! You can charter motorboats from 5 to 30 meters in length with Yachtco, either as bareboat or as a luxury yacht crew. Croatia, Greece, Italy, or Mallorca are the most common motorboat charter areas in the Mediterranean. Mecklenburg-West Pomerania’s German lake areas and channels around Berlin are popular for renting a motorboat. Even suitable for a holiday on a houseboat are these destinations.

In any case, you can contact us to find the right vessel. We’re going to quote the best deals from our boat rental partner companies. You don’t have the license you need to steer the boat you want? Not a question! Local providers can provide your charter with a skipper.

Do you have to go for a brand new yacht charter?

Charter customers generally prefer new yachts. This is understandable because everyone is excited about sailing on a modern-style vessel with the latest gadgets on board. A less-used charter boat is likely to be in a better condition than a boat leased for years. But you should also be aware of the risks involved in chartering a brand-new boat: most yacht boat owners are financing their vessels. If something goes wrong with the financing at the last minute, the vessel could never be shipped.

The yacht may not be ready on time by the shipyard due to delays in production.

A change from the shipyard to the charter port may result in an accident that severely damages the vessel.

Until the charter season begins, the requisite charter license can not be obtained.

Brand-new yachts still arrive in the first weeks of charter with some childhood diseases that had slipped through the quality control of the boat builders.

All these reasons demonstrate that chartering a vessel that has successfully passed one or two charter seasons is often a safer choice for the charter guest.

TOP 10 Tips to pick the “right” charter boat Focus when choosing the type of boat on the needs of your charter crew member.

Don’t look for the lowest price! Establish a decent budget and determine the “best deal” within it.

“Dream Yachts” are early booked-don’t depend on your Last Minute Luck.

If your budget is tight, look for good customer reviews for older yachts.

Consider hiring a nearby skipper if you want a relaxing cruise.

A boat is best known to its new sailors. Read the reviews.

Just depend on certifications for performance that have released their specifications.

The more seasoned you and your crew members are, the less critical special equipment is. Take it easy if you’re lazy or new to sailing and choose a roller-reef mainsail.

If you still have questions, please call us.

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